What is is an e-currency exchanger with its primary function to help users exchange one type of e-currency to another.

Each service safe and trusted?

Yes, our each service is fully legal and trasted. All  transections are legally registered and authorized.

If I found a mistake,what should I do?

You should inform us about it imedeatly.

Why my tracsaction canceled?

May be you enter wrong information or you did not complete the transaction within reserve time. So it was canceled.

If I refuse  my exchange, can I return my money?

If you contact before complete the order, you can return your money. But we will deduct transfer fee.

What is the minimum / maximum amount allowed to exchange?

The minimum amount is only $5 and the maximum amount is $100.For more contact us.

Can I make money by referral?

Yes, you can get a referral commission.

What is the transfer fees for skrill and neteller?

All of the transfer fee of skrill and neteller you must be carried. If you buy or sell must you have to be pay Transfer fee.

If I did not found the answer to my question what can I do ?

Contact Us for your unanswered question..

Do you have an affilliate program?

Yes, you will get 1% affiliate commission any exchange and You will get $0.10 per verified reffered user.

Note: BDT to USD does not allow Referral commission, If your referred user exchange money USD To BDT or USD To USD Then you will get 1% commission of transaction instantly in your account Balance.

How long time it takes to process an order?

Usually, we take 5 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes to complete order. If you have any emergency you can contact us.

What are the issues documents for verification?

International passport, Driving License or National ID (we only accept local ID cards from EEA countries) Selfie verification: Selfie your Real Face with hold your Card.

What is the service time?

service time is- 9.00 am to 11 pm 

Why sometime it takes time to delay?

Sometime it takes time to dellay in the prayer (namaj) time and eating time and lunce time from 1 pm to 2.30 pm you can exchange but it may be delay receive your payments.